MGV Industries India Pvt. Ltd. simplifies and accelerates their customers’ production processes by providing additive and conventional manufacturing solutions, as well as coating solutions and services, and raw materials. A streamlined supply chain drives innovation, while bringing cost savings and efficiency.

Metal additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3-D printing, can be a game changer in medical treatment. In addition to manufacturing surgical implant and instrument systems, MGV Industries India Pvt. Ltd. provides feedback on Design for Manufacturing (DFM) for additive and conventional manufacturing for the orthopedic and spine markets. MGV Industries India Pvt. Ltd. coatings are used on implants, instruments and other medical devices to help prevent infection and assist surgeons by helping remove glare and retaining sharp edges on surgical instruments. MGV Industries India Pvt. Ltd. products and services help doctors achieve better outcomes, thereby improving the quality of life for millions of patients.